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Preventing illnesses through effective hand hygiene

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality hand sanitizer gel products. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your health through effective preventative measures like good hand hygiene.

FDA and WHO Recommended Formulation

Instant Clean Hands is prepared with high quality manufacturing practices using FDA and WHO recommended formulation for hand sanitizers. Hand Sanitizing is a high priorty this season and we want you to know that you are in safe hands. This alcohol-based hand sanitizer matches top level industry standards.

A Moisturizing, Gentle Gel

Instant Clean Hands sanitizes with care. It's high quality, alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel formulation ensures that your hands are moisturized after use. Feel free to apply generous amounts on hands, many times without worrying about your hands getting dry.

What, WHY and How?


A hand sanitizer, just in time to help you and family in time of crisis.

Covid 19 pandemic has caused significant shortage of medical supplies including Hand Sanitizers. This Cleantech Entrepreneur with a PhD in Materials Science from Johns Hopkins University was compelled to do something about it. We have dealt with polymer formulations for half a decade and re-purposed our facilities to produce hand sanitizer gels at a short notice.  

What are the ingredients? Is it safe and good quality?

FDA and WHO have published standard formulation of hand sanitizers with >70% alcohol content to be effective for the Covid-19 pandemic.  There are two formulations: Ethanol-based and Isopropyl alcohol-based. We have chosen Isopropyl alcohol-based formulation because it evaporates slowly and hence stays on your hands longer making it a formidable solution to kill germs.

We use the same gel base formulation in distilled water as the top-brand hand sanitizer gels. 

What are your cost and price dynamics?

The high demand for hand sanitizer products has constrained the entire supply chain. The ingredients: alcohol, gel base, etc. are in short supply and priced at multiple of their regular price range—same story with empty bottles and caps for packaging.  As materials supply constraints ease out, the price will go down further.

Is the financial transaction secure?

 The Shopping cart and payment gateway is run on Square platform, which is a leading payment gateway and transaction processing service. You also have the option to checkout using Paypal which is one of the most secure financial transactions platform. 

What about bulk orders?

If you are ordering on behalf of an organization or for a hospital/medical system use, please email us using contact form below or bdhar@agiraphotonics.com to make prior arrangements. 

So what’s your Goal?

Our goal is to distribute 100,000 bottles within 3 months—a lofty goal for our small team, but achievable. We have  given away 15-20% of our hand sanitizers to nurses and patients in hospitals  and senior care centers for free.  

Help support the cause. Let's do our bit.


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